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Chipotle Lime Seasoning (Rotating Collection)

MEDIUM HEAT caesar rimmer • chicken • fish • eggs •elotes/esquites • popcorn • guacamole • tropic...


caesar rimmer • chicken • fish • eggs •elotes/esquites • popcorn • guacamole • tropical fruit

Ways to use this: This is a great way to season your eggs, chicken, fish, or tacos. It will also enhance your popcorn and your elotes. Need to spice up your guac? Stir it into your mashed avocado with some fresh lime juice and a dash of hot sauce. It’s also delicious sprinkled on top of tropical fruit! For a delicious chipotle caesar, use this as a rimmer and add our Chipotle Lime hot sauce inside the drink! 

Pueblo hot sauce pairings: Chipotle Lime, Chile de Árbol + Tamarind, Jalapeño Lime, and our favourite: i Viva Chile !

Ingredients: Chipotle, Sea salt, Makrut lime leaves, Citric acid.

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