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Tex Mex Chili Blend (Rotating Collection)

MILD HEAT meat rub (chicken • pork • beef • seafood) • chili • soup • queso • tacos • fajitas Way...


meat rub (chicken • pork • beef • seafood) • chili • soup • queso • tacos • fajitas

Ways to use this: This makes a great meat rub, taco and fajita seasoning, and roasted veggie blend. It’s also delicious in soups, stews, and chili. We recommend starting with 1-2 tbsp. per pound of meat, and more to taste. This also goes great with lentils and mushrooms for plant-based chili and tacos. Need to spice up your queso and other dips? Stir it in with a dash of hot sauce.

Pueblo hot sauce pairings: Try this with Jalapeño Lime, El Clásico, Chipotle Lime, Smoky Berry, and Chile de Árbol + Tamarind.

Ingredients: Ancho chile, Cumin, Spanish paprika, Sea salt, Garlic, Onion, Mexican oregano, Coriander, Cayenne.

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